Saturday, July 6, 2013

Mundella Greek Yoghurt

Hi everyone! I'm back with a new (and very delicious) product - Mundella Greek yoghurt! I was really excited to see these mini pots that came in a set of 4 at the supermarket, and the flavours were blueberry, passionfruit, honey and vanilla! I love all of those flavours so I decided to treat myself a little :) 

The one featured in the pictures below is the vanilla-flavoured one: 

I love the consistency and taste of this vanilla greek yoghurt - slightly tangy, but still very pleasantly sweet. As for the consistency, it isn't too thick like some greek yoghurts, and resembles a slightly more set heavy cream than a refrigerated jar of curd. If I had to rate the 4 flavours...:

1. Blueberry
2. Vanilla
3. Honey
4. Passionfruit

Ultimately, they were all really nice and you should definitely give them a try! I found these at the NTUC near my house.

Rating: 9/10

- Jill

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