Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Honest Tea - Lori's Lemon Tea

Valerie and I made a trip to Supernature today, an organic grocery store that carries many specialized items that "normal" grocery stores (such as NTUC or Cold Storage) do not. We went a little crazy there after seeing the variety of different items, such as Ezekiel bread, kale and rainbow swiss chard! To fellow readers not from Singapore, these items may be a commodity where you live but they are certainly not common here in Singapore! 

Moving forward, today I purchased several items, which included this Honest Tea - Lori's Lemon Tea! This drink is certified USDA Organic, and there were 4 other flavours as well! Valerie is going to review hers... :) 

Disclaimer: If you are a fan of sickly sweet teas that taste of sugar and fruit flavouring more than anything else, you might not like this tea!! 

Lori's lemon tea provided a good balance of sweet (from the lemon) and bitter (from the black tea). The scent is pleasing, and as for taste, I would say it is quite refreshing! However, I was expecting for a stronger lemon-y taste. Nonetheless, this tea "feels" really hydrating and it soothes the soul~~ For the calorie-conscious people out there, there are two servings in this 16 fluid ounces (473 ml) bottle, with each serving being 30 calories.

Ultimately, I would give this tea a 7/10, simply because I am not a HUGE fan of tea, but for those who do like tea, I recommend Honest Tea's teas!

- Jill

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