Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Honest Tea - Mango Acaí White Tea

Hello everyone, Valerie here! As you all know, the both of us made a trip down to Supernature yesterday, a very atas (high class) grocery store which carries a considerably wide range of organic and uncommon products and food which can't be found the usual fair price, cold storage and so on.

It was a well spent hour of fun, obsessive excitement and chatter over the kinds of products we discovered (e.g., bars, apple butter, chia seeds, Acaí powder, the amusing $650.00 tiny bottle of 6/7 small black truffles, etc.) , and of course the usual "if I were rich I'd buy these"/ "I wish I was rich enough to shop here all the time" conversations~ 

Anyways these were what I bought, and the honest tea is what I'm going to review! 

Honest Tea: Mango Acaí White Tea

 70 kcal per 16 oz/473 ml bottle (35 kcal per serving)


The food doctor: Fig and Mango bar

103 kcal per 35 g bar


Just like the lemon tea that Jill drank, this bottle of honest tea was really "just a tad sweet" and it felt very honest indeed. There was a faint yet not completely inactive Mango Acaí flavor which accompanies the stronger, yet not too overpowering presence of the white tea. It wasn't that the fruity flavor was diluted, it's just that its less prominent than the White Tea fragrance. I'd say this is the perfect harmonious balance between both. Refreshing, natural and light, this tea was not yucky sickly sweet like the regular highly processed and sugary fruit teas (e.g., lipton ice lemon tea, seasons ice lemon tea). I'm not a tea fanatic but I do drink tea quite often, and I find that I highly appreciate this tea for its unique clear taste. But I wouldn't recommend it to non-tea lovers or the sweet toothed because the tea will most probably come across as "barely there" and too faint. This tea should be drank chilled and by itself, not with other food or fruits. The taste buds should enjoy, appreciate and pin point the special taste without other distractions. I love it so much, the next time we go back to Supernature, I'm definitely trying other flavors and buying a few at one go!


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